Welcome to Outreach Theraplay!


We are a nonprofit organization dreamed up and founded by Kristy Nalder and Allison Merlo, both Pediatric Occupational Therapists. Kristy and Allison ultimately came together to form Outreach Theraplay to live out their passions of helping children with disabilities find community, happiness, and hope for the future.

Play is a vital part of any child’s development, but unfortunately most playgrounds around the world are inaccessible to children with disabilities. Outreach Theraplay plans to change that by traveling to countries all over, whether they be third world or first world, to build playgrounds that are accommodating to all children. Whether a child can run for hours or rolls in a wheel chair, our playgrounds will help every child play, imagine, and laugh without limitations.

We encourage you to explore our website and to reach out to us for any additional information, if you’d like to donate to our cause, or better yet, help us build our next playground!

Lots of love always,

The Outreach Theraplay Founders

Kristy Nalder & Allison Merlo