Our partners are so important to us here at Outreach Theraplay and we accomplish a lot together in helping children with disabilities around the globe.



Footprints of the Son

“Footprints of the Son strives and advocates for family preservation through our outreach program. It is our desire for children with disabilities to remain in their families, and to receive the necessary care and assistance they need to not only survive, but thrive! Our outreach program consists of over forty-five families raising children with disabilities in Haiti, and it is continuously growing. We are seeing these families develop in amazing ways as they embrace, love, and put value on their children with disabilities.”


Global Family Philanthropy

Global Family Philanthropy is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping poor families and children in Haiti and the U.S. Through volunteer
service and fundraising, we work to empower families, care for the elderly and provide children access to shelter, education, nutrition and a loving community of support.


Barranca Ministries

“Barranca Ministries, Inc. is a Non-Profit Corporation founded to foster, develop and promote the spreading of the Gospel through missions activities and activities pertaining to evangelism in Costa Rica and elsewhere as the Lord directs and opportunities open.”

“Our mission, our purpose, our cause is to deliver the Word of GOD to the lost, to connect to those in need, to show the Love of Christ in not only our ministries, but in all we do.”

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Partner Organizations Making A Difference Around the Globe